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Greetings and welcome to the (hopefully) ever-growing page of notes, ideas, and recipes I'm concocting as I putter about with one of my favorite wargames. Note that most of the information on this page is geared towards Steve Jackson Games Incorporated's miniatures wargame OGRE Miniatures™, but it is applicable to other 1/300th scale games and potentially to higher scales.

One of the first things most of these pages has is a page on what tools you need. Heck with that. You've seen that a hundred times. Instead of that I'm going to go over how to use some of the tools that are less than obvious, without maiming yourself in the process.

Here you'll find notes on the terrain boards and terrain pieces that I've built or am in the process of building for my games. My workbench usually has a half-dozen projects running simultaneously, it keeps me from getting stuck on one thing and frustrated at it. When I run into trouble, I work on something else for a while until inspiration or resolve returns. I also post notes here on things I'm just planning, so some of what you will see is barely-formed ideas rather than finished and sealed terrain.

This page contains (or will contain) notes on assembling miniatures, modifying (kitbashing) them...Or even how to create them from whole cloth. See above for how I handle projects and the fact that much of what you may see here is either 'in progress' or 'just conceived'.

Here will be found photographs of miniatures (mostly mine), as well as photographs of miniatures battles. I'm not a super photographer, nor a frequent enough one to own my own equipment, so this page will usually only be modified when I manage to borrow a digital camera from a friend, or someone sends me photographs from a miniatures event. Hopefully, neither of these circumstances will be terribly infrequent...

I am also the moderator of the San Franscisco Bay Area OGRE Group on Yahoo, which exists in order to get OGRE players in the SFBay area together, to exchange ideas and to possibly form a league if we can manage to get enough people in one place.

OGRE™, GEV™, Shockwave™, Deluxe OGRE™, OGRE Miniatures™ are trademarks of Steve Jackson Games Incorporated and the art here is copyright Steve Jackson Games Incorporated. This material is used here in accordance with the Steve Jackson Games Online Policy. Other material presented here is my own creation, intended for use with the above miniature systems. This material is not official and is not endorsed by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

Neither myself nor Steve Jackson Games Incorporated may be held liable for any damages suffered to self, pets, miniatures, or major metropolitan areas by the appropriate or inappropriate use of powered or non-powered tools, solvents, adhesives, paints, or chihuahuas. These items are inherently hazardous and should not be used without appropriate precautions and adult supervision.